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Judy Ling Wong
Painter Poet and Environmental Activist

Poem of the Month and Publications

Magic Love and Wings - Poems and Images - Limited First Edition of 100 copies

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Strongly influenced by the French tradition of livres d'artiste (Art of the Book), Judy adopted the use of this art form, in which the coming together of images and poems are akin to the Chinese tradition of combining painting and poetry. Her first limited edition artist’s book "Long Summer", published by The Whittington Press in 1977, was included in the list of "The 100 Most Beautiful Books in Britain" by the National Book Leaque. The finely crafted leather-bound "Harlequinade" now sells for over 6000 pounds a copy. Recently, with the advance in technology, Judy is aspiring to make her work more accessible to all, working with commercial publications and digital mediums to produce exquisite prints at reasonable costs.

Poem of the Month


Beauty and Shadow

May beauty
Always fill you with joy
That you may plumb the shadows
In safety
May all love buoy you high
And give you tempered wings to fly
That you may always see life
In high relief
For light without shadow
Cannot hold a form

For we are here
To ride and savour experience
And make out of simply everything
One song
Those high shrill notes
The even middling murmurings
Or the deep wrenching tones
All are one
The fullness of our being
In the making

Thus we walk the path
In balance
Taking the fabled lighted middle way
Of wisdom
Neither swaying only to the left
Or wandering merely to the right
Watching steady in this world
But not of it
The clarity of transcendence
The prize won